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Destiny Venture - Legend of the Crystals

I want thank the developers that had helped out during a short development period that was a 5 week capstone in May 2018 and special thanks as well to Case-EO from the UK for their mentoring during those 5 weeks on the project!

I had designed and created this title in February 2018 to the end of April 2018, which I had joined up with 3 other developers and expanded this game more with levels, enemies, and assets. Everyone had ended their work on the project at the end of May but I had continued development by added new features and polished every aspect of the game until July 17th 2018.

This game is a huge representation of my skills in game development, programming in unity, level design, art, graphic design and all other aspects of game design.

Destiny Venture - Full Game Play (Finalized Development)