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BioRealm - Unity Game

Worked together with 3 other people on this game called Bio Realm. It's a first person shooter where you travel to different planets killing off creatures, mechanical gun ships and collecting guns, armor, keys and ammo. Fight through hazardous conditions with areas that require a special amour because it's too cold and lava that requires amour that allows you to cross lava rivers. At the end of each level you must defeat the boss to collect a special rune.

Things I worked on in this projects are the following:
*Designed Level 2 (in Video)
*Composed Level 1,2 & 3 music and boss music for Levels 2 & 3.
*Completed UI programming/design Layout
*Completed Main menu
*Programmed weapons system (Electron Phaser, Arctic ProtoPlasm & Magma Cannon)
*Programmed enemy AI
*programmed and designed level Obstacles (Level 2 Power Stations, Barriers, Level 3 Doors)
*Programmed the Pick up items (Weapons, Ammo, Health, Key Items)
*Modeled Gun Projectiles

BioRealm (Gameplay Video) Capstone first year