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Photon Fenix Wallpaper Built in Photoshop using the 3D tool. One of the best wallpapers Ive ever made, with an "Explosive" look to it, I put my logo up for display.

Project RPG (In Development) April 14th Update! (Full Frost Temple Level)

I end the long road of building this level. I have worked out a ton of bugs, written days and days of code throughout the two months. Drove myself to the lack of sleep every night to publish this game. 

This is a video of me playing the fully playable level demo of the new polished RPG game that will be in development in the next 5 weeks. This has led me to an awesome success and a great coding/learning experience.

 I am happy to introduce the best game I’ve ever accomplished by myself in the two years working and learning unity.

Project RPG (In Development) March 15th Update!

I've been coding this inventory system and weapons management for over a week straight. This video includes my latest work on my programming. I've used a double nested for loop and inside the nest are 9 other for loops. It sets a random number from 1-50 and in the for loops it checks what number was generated.

Depending on the random number it will instantiate one of my random pickup items I've made it so that the best items are rarer. Ive created another system for the items and did tons of debugging to make it perfect, clamping the items at a certain number and applying them to the players health, stamina and sword magic count. 

I've dealt with lists, arrays, Interface, inheritance, instantiation, singletons and design patterns and much more in this project.

The hardest thing was the weapon system and getting the sword bar to fill and work when adding a power gem. the game is coming along great! :D

Project RPG (In Development)

I fixed some bugs with the UI in the main menu and decided to start building a pause menu which will develop into an Item inventory for the game. I setup some basic options like power ups, healing items and sell able equipment. I managed to just get functionality and sounds working with each button. I also created the main menu music at the start.

I never worked fluently with Sprites so I learned a little bit doing this. I managed to get health decreasing with a sprite and number, I have stamina decreasing when running and regenerating when stopped, as well as when stamina runs out it takes about 3 seconds before it starts refilling again.

I made an XP bar, when you gradually gain XP the limit keeps adding to itself so every level gained you need more and more experience until it takes for ever to level up also say if you reached 1000 XP limit, and you gained 1500 experience on that last bit it will subtract the XP limit from the experience and say 500 is left over will be added towards the next level. I have an incomplete weapon power up bar only because I don't have any melee weapons and a character built. I designed all the sprites and UI images in Photoshop.

Updated PlaneXball Game Play Levels 1-3

I built a universal camera that isn't fixed anymore. It used to be toggled by keys to switch the direction of the camera, now you can move the mouse and joystick on the Xbox controller.

Secondly what I did was completely rebuilt the second level and polished it, put gems in etc. I changed the game play by adding key gems which are required to open the warp portals and the other gems increase time and score.

In the second level I decided to build a secret area that is extremely out of the way but you are rewarded with a power up ball. One ball is for breaking, if you go to fast you will break, saving you. The other power up is the boost ball.You can boost on the fly to go faster which breaking helps for that. Third is a teleport ball if your about to die it'll teleport you to the last check point and then u have to wait 10 secs to do it again. there is a power up ball hidden in each level.

The third level needed to be fixed so I added gems and polished it even more, its so nice looking. So right now I'm ready for a fourth. I also touched up the main menu a bit too so its interactive. You can jump with the ball and move like your playing the game right away before you get started.

Virus Transmission (Global Game Jam 2018 Submission)

Me in a team of two other guys worked together to build a game at the Volta Labs in Halifax during the 2018 Global Game Jam. We had only 48 straight hours to build a game and this is our submission. We called our team the East Cost Jammers. The theme we had to build around was "Transmission" so we built two player FPS Action Shooter game where each player would have to infect the other player with a virus from the virus guns. When one player reached 100% infection, they would die and the other player would gain a point. The first player to reach 3 points would win the match. 


Myke Wills: Gun/UI programming, UI design/Gun modeling, Music .

Jonathan Kynock: Level design, Item pickups models, Ideas.

Chris Lawson: Character programming/design, Character movement/Interface programming.

Extinction Finalized Game Project (Team Cubed United 3)

A game play video of a game we created in unity. inspired by the PC game called Descent. 3D models were created by another team member, I decided to texture them. Sound effects are credited to the artists on and Music extracted from the BeatPort Top 100 (Trepanation (Tesla Remix)).