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Xenomorph Board Game

I put some money into the supplies and built a first person Shooter based board game.

Clear your way through the dungeon with a variety of powerful monsters to reach your way to the end. The place is crawling with monsters and traps on your way to the boss Morpheus. There is a variety of items to collect like ammo, health, power ups, and items to help you on your quest. Deep inside the dungeon lies a legendary skull room with 5 of the most powerful unnatural abilities, can you find it? Gather keys and find the secrets to give you the boost and collect cards to stop other players from beating the boss before you.
The sole purpose of the game is to keep your health full and collect as much ammo as you can. Once you run out of ammo you must fight unarmed.

I built this board game out of cardboard and Bristol board and construction paper.The logo images are just Vectors from google images but the actual card design I colored and made in Photoshop.