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Diety's Bane Unity 3D First Person Shooter (In Development)

Creating a new dynamic game being built from the ground up, it will turn into an all out Bad-ass shooter. This is the current development progress so far I made it as far as a main menu in a couple days. I happened to design a 4 Player Death match multiplayer and soon to be adding the Main menu to select the amount of players and transitioning that into a 2, 3, or 4 player split screen. I've added power up items to increase health, ammo, and picking up a gun. I have about 5 guns created so far in the game. Check out the video for multiplayer action!

Deitys Bane Weapon Program Update (New Rocket Launcher and Effects!)

Diety's Bane - Main menu design updated

Starting Development of Diety's Bane Unity FPS