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XCM Pure White HD - UnleashX UI Skin for Xbox

Inspired by the pure white Edition of Xbox. This was a 3 day project development progress of a skin built for a custom Xbox dashboard. The skin provides the overall look and feel when the Xbox is loaded up and ready to play. This is the overall progress with each step I take. I usually start with what the dashboard will look like from an idea in my head, tweak it until i find something I like and gradually change the image as I see fit. Once I have completed, I sort and break down the layers so I'm able to turn them into separate png images and then start animating them in after effects, turning on and off opacity, key framing the transform, rotation, etc.

I then combine the background video with an overlay and voila! I determine how the videos transition together smoothy,building sound wav files to match the videos and then I usually then build theme music.

XCM Crystal Pure White Edition Theme for UnleashX (Preview)

XCM Pure White Edition UnleashX Theme running component HD

(In Development)XCM Pure White Edition UnleashX Theme for Xbox